Filool, the right place where the homemade & handmade independent sellers were searching for. Your products are unique and pure, so you need an influential and gorgeous platform to sell them. Here, sellers can find huge customers seeing and in demand of their products, which happens without any effort of sellers.

Filool acts as the middle-man, giving smaller, independent creators a platform to find and attract customers. 

Steps To Sell in Filool:

  • Click on the SELL NOW option
  • Login if you already have an account, otherwise Register your new shop
  • After your shop is approved by Filool, you can add items there with details and images  (Each product need approval from Filool, which is done within no time)
  • When orders come, sellers can pack and ship the product to the customer's address

Impressive Chances To Get Sale Of Your Product:

  • Add a product for sale  -

    Here, Sellers can fix prices for their respective products. Once an item sells, transaction fee on the sale price (including the shipping price you set) and if you accept payments through Filool Payments, we collect 9% as the commission for the sale transaction and payment processing fee. Otherwise, there is only the Listing or subscription fee to which the seller subscribed.

  • Add a product or service as an ordinary listing -

    Here, customers can directly contact sellers, and the deal happens between them. So the seller is able to receive the payment to their account and thus no need of using Filool payment system. Therefore, sellers get the full amount for their product without a reduction of commission.

  • Add a product to receive Quote (price) requests -

    Here, the seller won’t give the price of the product. Customers can argue with the price of it, and after discussion between them, the amount is finalised.

Benefits Of Selling In Filool:

  • Helps to start, manage and expand your creative business 
  • Manage your business anywhere by using the Filool platform to manage orders, update items, and respond to your customers on the go
  • Promote your product listings on various social media platforms and reach more buyers
  • Handle payment processing with Filool payment system to make it effortless for buyers to pay any way they choose
  • Precise Analytics that display business performance and traffic sources which helps stay at the top of your marketplace


Hundreds of shoppers can’t wait to see what you have in store

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