All Rounder AyurMix Soap

All Rounder AyurMix Soap

Filool, exultantly presents a wonderful mix of natural ingredients, where a single use of it gives you an astonishing effect. We welcome you all to pamper yourself naturally with our finest handmade lather, Krishna’s Ayurmix Soap. 

“ I'm really into natural and organic products “     -  Chanel Iman, American model

You are fortuitous to feel the miraculous blend of this organic soap. Our body remains healthier when we cover it with natural components. Definitely, this organic soap will change your conviction of bathing. Your skin is your best accessory, always take great care of it.

Benefits Of Ayurmix Soap:                                     

  • Excellent to remove tan
  • Do better for skin infections like eczema, rosacea, itching skin
  • For glowing skin
  • Grand for dry skin
  • Lightens skin color
  • Suitable in every climate
  • Supreme aroma


Bath with Krishna’s Ayurmix Hot Process Soap twice daily and see the terrific changes within months. It is a mix of 10 ayurvedic oils, wherefore oils are an unavoidable factor for the body. Besides, it is completely made of 100% goat milk with no single drop of water.

Why It Is Essential To Switch On To Organic Soap:

  • Have natural anti-bacterial properties
  • Heals skin infections naturally
  • No added preservatives
  • They are loaded with glycerine
  • Economic- friendly
  • Rich in anti-oxidants
  • Splendid for environment
  • Healthier

It's high time for us to turn to organic products from synthetic. To thwart the body from contamination and to stay in good trim, it is crucial to apply biotics.

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