Krishna Bringha Hair Oil

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Krishna Bringha hair oil prevents Hair fall & Premature greying. The oil strengthens the hair roots and prevents hair fall. Stimulates hair growth. You can feel the result after the first use. Regular use of this hair oil makes your hair soft, smooth & shiny. Contains some herbs which will cool your scalp. This oil is made from different essential ayurvedic herbs and made according to Ksheera paka vidhi of Ayurveda. Contains Goat Milk, Cows milk, Buffalo milk, and Coconut milk. 

 ➡️ Henna 
 ➡️ Basil 
 ➡️ Indigofera tnigtoria 
 ➡️ Brahmi 
 ➡️ Bringhraj 
 ➡️ Aloe barbadensis 
 ➡️ Phillanthus Emblica 
 ➡️ Hibiscus leaves & Flower
 ➡️ Kohl stone 
 ➡️ Murraya Koenigi 
 ➡️ Vetiver 
 ➡️ Kalonji 
 ➡️ Goat milk 
 ➡️ Triphala
 ➡️ Neem
 ➡️ Jatatmanasi
 ➡️ Almond oil
 ➡️ Castor oil
 ➡️ Rosemary 
 ➡️ Thyme
 ➡️ Sage
 ➡️ Buffalo milk
 ➡️ Cows milk
 ➡️ Coconut milk
 ➡️ Goat milk

How to apply:

Take a small quantity of hair oil (Depending on the length of your hair) . Massage gently for 15 minutes.

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